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Sonntag, 22.03.2015 - Rosis Amüsierlokal www map Dresdenmitfahrgelegenheit

The Howling Wolfmen myspace
DJ Howling Eric

VVK: 11,10 €

20:00 Uhr

THE HOWLING WOLFMEN: are three guys from Dresden who like to play good rockin psychobilly and keep that crazy sound alive. Invite us to your town and were gonna take you to a trip with wild beats, weird storys and lots of drinks! Mostly influenced by great stuff from the 80s and 50s, we started to play the first time together in 2006 and had our first gig in March 2007. At this time we had 4 members in the band but the guitar player decided to leave the band in the beginning of 2009. After that we had a break for one year where we wrote a lot of new songs with our singer Mike playing the lead guitar, Eric still hitting drums and Ave still slapping the double bass. Since spring 2010 we are back on stage and released our first full album in May 2011 on Razmataz Records. Till now, we played in nearly every part in Germany, also in England, Russia, Holland, Belgium and had the pleasure to share the stage with awesome bands like the Meteors, Frenzy, Frantic Flintstones, Demented are go, the Tazmanian Devils and many others!
"FRENZY: Formed in 1983 by Steve Whitehouse, Frenzy went on to be one of the premier 1980s generated neorockabilly/psychobilly bands of that era. Becoming well known for such great recordings as the Hall Of Mirrors and Clockwork Toy albums, the latter of which spawned their 1986 indie hit; I See Red. From the early 1990s, Frenzy pushed the envelope and were ahead of their time in their approach to the modern rockabilly sound, which has since been replicated by bands such as The Living End and Tiger Army. Frenzy never really went away, and have been playing and recording continuously since their formation. Their last 3 albums, Nine O Nine, Dirty Little Devils, and Nitro Boy showed that Frenzy are constantly pushing to be top of their game.


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