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Samstag, 27.02.2016 - Chemiefabrik www map Dresdenmitfahrgelegenheit

The Offenders www myspace

VB: 7 € / AK: 8 €

21:30 Uhr

Thousands miles driven, thousands full lenght/singles sold, hundreds shows played and proudly stuck in the undergorund...thats could be the best way to introduce The Offenders! Formed back in 2005 in Italy by vocalist/song writer/ guitar player Valerio, but based in Berlin since 2009, Offenders represent today one of the most energic and powerfull band in the ska punk scene, with their unique mixture of styles, from 2tone ska to mod79, from rocksteady to rockabilly, melodic sing a long anthems sang all over Europe and played all over the world by many ska djs!


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